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Fair Trade Home Decor: Every Piece Has A Story To Tell

At Saltbox Sash, our belief is your home should be a visual representation of your story, sharing who you are and what you value most. Fair Trade intimately connects customers with the many hearts and hands that create the products we buy. Here are three ways your support impacts artisans around the world bringing their stories into your home.

women artisans

Sustainable Employment

Artisans who work under fair trade principles are paid a fair wage for their work and given access to the global market. Through sustainable employment artisans in underserved parts of the world are empowered to break the cycle of poverty, uplifting their families and communities.

Fair Trade Artisan Weaving

Culture Preservation

Artisans handcraft their pieces by practicing art forms such as woodcraft, embroidery, pottery, sculpture, basket weaving, and more. Passed down for generations, these art forms celebrate and preserve culture. Artisans make their pieces with natural materials using only simple hand tools and machinery.

Fair Trade Artisans

Women Empowerment

Fair trade values an equitable work environment for women and encourages leadership in her cooperative, community, and home. Women are empowered to contribute to economic growth and the stability of their families while gaining independence and confidence toward a better future.

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