Our Values

Our values begin with our commitment to people. People are at the forefront of our why and how we choose to do business. We proudly offer our customers curated pieces, exclusively fair trade, handmade, and ethically sourced. We believe everyone deserves the right to earn a sustainable income that provides economic stability to families and communities.

Our dedication to protecting the planet and its precious resources is represented in every piece we carry. Products are created from materials sourced naturally, locally, sustainably, and handcrafted with simple tools and machinery. Artisans are also resourceful in utilizing materials for upcycling and designing stunning pieces that are one-of-a-kind.

We value handcrafted, high-quality artisanal home goods that showcase a wide range of rich, diverse cultures, and traditional art forms. Our goal is to offer our customers exquisitely designed and uniquely handcrafted beauty through every piece that enters their homes.

We value woman empowerment. Fair trade promotes gender equality, non-discrimination, equal pay for equal work, and encourages women to assume decision-making positions. Women evolve to be empowered by the utilization and enhancement of their skills where they can uplift their families and become leaders in their communities.

We value home because no matter where one lives, we believe our homes should be a place we go back to for peace, rest, and rejuvenation. Our homes should tell our story and reflect who we are, what interests us, and most importantly, grounds us in what matters most.

We wholeheartedly value our customers. We believe in exceptional customer service in which that first purchase is an experience that feels personal, impactful, and inspires our customers to come back to us. Whether you’re searching for a globally inspired piece for your home or celebrating a new season of life, we encourage our customers to reach out to us for any special requests or assistance.   

We believe every dollar spent is a vote we cast for the kind of world we want.

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