Remarkable Mango Wood - Saltbox Sash

Remarkable Mango Wood

Did you know that the mango tree originated in India over 4000 years ago? Known as the national and sacred fruit of India, the mango symbolizes prosperity and good luck. The mango tree also plays a big role in the lives of artisans and sustainability. Here are three ways mango wood is good for people and the planet.

Heart-Shaped Mango Wood Pivot Treasure Box

Sustainably Sourced

Wood from the mango tree is only harvested once it no longer bears fruit. Mango wood's beautiful natural grain, durability, and easy-to-carve nature make it an ideal choice to create home products. Large pieces can be used to create furniture, and flooring, while smaller pieces and remnants are saved for products such as home decor and accents.

Artisans in India Wood Craft

Sustainable Work

The abundance of mango wood presents artisans with the opportunity for steady employment. Working in a fair trade environment means artisans are not subjected to harsh chemicals that are hazardous to people and the planet. Artisans earning a fair and dignified wage can support their families and work towards breaking the cycle of poverty.

Artisans in India Wood Carving

Sustainable Material

Conventionally produced products oftentimes require an enormous amount of our planet's natural resources. Mango wood is a natural material that is a by-product of the mango fruit. Utilizing this wood, instead of discarding it helps to keep the environmental footprint to a minimum.

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