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Seven Ways to Get Your Home Ready For Spring

I just love the anticipation of a fresh start and warmer days that sweep in with the spring season. The closing of winter in the Northeast can seem punishingly long and frustrating as Mother Nature toys with our emotions dishing out days of bitter cold one day and sudden warmth the next. While I wait for the weather to steady and count down the days until I can finally hang up my winter jacket, I take pleasure in getting my home ready for spring and adding a few touches that infuse the colors, textures, and scents I associate with the impending season. Here are seven ways to get your home ready for spring.


Declutter: First things first; get rid of the clutter. Sigh; I know it's one of the last things you want to do, but I promise this first step is for the greater good. Get a black trash bag (so later on you won't see what's inside ha) and take some time to go around your home just looking for trash. This shouldn't take long and you're only looking for anything that is actual trash, broken, no longer working, beyond repair, you get the point. Second, enlist the help of your family and go room by room setting aside anything that can be donated or passed on to family/friends. Immediately take your trash out and your donations to your car or to a space where they'll stay until pick up day so no one is tempted to bring stuff back into the house.


deep cleaning

Deep Clean: Oh yes, I said it. Deep cleaning will be in order if we're going to get our homes freshened up for spring and the warmer months ahead. Now, before you begin to sweat with visions of yourself cleaning for hours, hear me out. The job has already been made easier because we've decluttered, and I don't (and won't) spend more than 20 minutes per day on deep cleaning. I break spring cleaning down into small jobs I can handle and I, you guessed it, enlist the help of my family. The trick to doing it this way is to be consistent so you can start to see the progress building, and before you know it, you're done.

blue night dunia vase/planter

Bring the outdoors in: This seems like an obvious one, but this is an ideal time of year to take stock of your houseplants to determine which ones need a little TLC, repotting, or maybe it's time to add a new plant or two. The entryway and coffee table are two of my go-to spots for freshening up my plants or setting out a bouquet of fresh flowers. I love adding life to these common spaces in the house as a lovely reminder that warmer days are imminent. I also enjoy planting herbs in small planters that I can keep on my windowsill in the kitchen. There is nothing like snipping your own fresh herbs for cooking, baking, or whipping up cocktails for friends. If you find that you are growing more than you can use, you can always throw them in a food processor with olive oil and freeze them in ice cube trays to use when the cooler weather arrives. Perfect for soups, stews, and sauces.

Throw pillows

Throw Pillow Swap: Swapping out your pillows or pillow covers is one of the most impactful and inexpensive ways to get your home spring-ready. You can pick out new pillows without getting overwhelmed, or limiting yourself to florals. I prefer colors, patterns, and textures that imply spring, but not in an obvious or predictable way. Think bold or soft colors in cotton, silk, or linen fabrics to update your sofa, chair backs, and bed, perhaps with a modern print. Another trick is to not use very much color at all choosing only creams and whites creating an airy, fresh, vibe.

 lemon tea candle

Set the mood: After two seasons of cozying up to candles that evoke feelings of holiday baking, I'm ready to switch out my candles for light scents that aren't too overpowering. This is the time of year I turn to candles that have fresh and clean scents I can enjoy all season long, especially after a good spring cleaning. Two of my favorites are citrus, and any candle that smells like fresh laundry is a win in my book. As we turn our attention to the outdoors, I also love the look and dreamy ambiance created by a few lanterns filled with fairy lights, perfect for relaxing evenings at home and lingering conversations outside.

light and bright bedroom

Lighten up: Now that the warm weather is approaching, we'll want to peel the warm, cozy layers of heavy linens and dark moody colors back and switch to light, breezy colors, and fabrics. Flannel sheets, throws, and curtains can be swapped out for cotton or linen in lighter tones making your home feel bright, open, and fresh. Growing up, my mom, no matter the weather, always encouraged us to open the windows in our bedrooms on a daily basis. Even if it was just for a few minutes, she always insisted on it, and it's something I still do today, despite the cold winter temperatures. If you've kept your windows closed all winter, now is a good time to open them up and let the fresh, crisp air go to work in your home.

fresh front door

Say hello: A few small and inexpensive updates to your front door will have your home spring-ready while making a welcoming first impression. Begin by sweeping away any debris accumulated during the cold months, and wipe down the front door. Next, add a couple of potted plants or flowers flanking the door to add color and life. Finish the space with a new doormat and maybe even throw up a wreath and voilà, you're done.

Share with us! How are you getting your home ready for spring?





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