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The Fair Trade Difference

In many parts of the developing world, producers are often not treated or paid fairly for their work and are left to survive on an income that does not adequately support their families. The results are large populations of people that live in poverty and face injustices such as forced labor, child labor, discrimination, and unsafe work conditions.

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Fair trade is a global movement that seeks to combat these inequalities with fair trade principles. Under the fair trade principles, workers are not exploited and have an opportunity to earn a fair and dignified wage. The trading partnerships are transparent, based on mutual respect, and working towards financial gains that are advantageous to both parties. Producers are empowered by the fair trade principles and participate in making decisions in all aspects, including wage laws, the worker's health and safety, and protecting the environment. These fair and sustainable business practices lead to improved living standards that enrich the quality of life for workers, their families, and communities.

When we are shopping for conventionally made products, we are not always aware of the actual conditions that the item was made in, who made it, or if the worker received fair pay. The fair trade model offers consumers an empowering alternative to conventional shopping by presenting verified, transparent practices and ethically made products. Conscious shoppers interested in the impact their purchases make economically, socially, and environmentally will experience peace of mind and a more intimate connection to the products and brands they support.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the difference fair trade can make. Now it's your turn; tell us about your fair trade experience and the impact it made on you. We'd love to learn and hear from you.



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