Deep Currents Vase


Sustainably made by true masters of the art, this stunning vase is handcrafted in swirling Phoenician glass by artisans of Hebron Glass & Ceramic Factory. Recycled bottles are broken down into pieces and melted in high-temperature ovens. In Phoenician glass blowing, artisans add substances to the molten glass, with the resulting reaction creating a range of colors. Each piece has its own unique blend of color and pattern. 

Why you'll love it: Established in 1890, Hebron Glass is a family business where some 60 artisans, women, and men earn excellent income and benefit from safe working environments. The group aims to build lasting relationships with fair trade associations and provide artisans with orders throughout the year. 

Style this beauty with fresh or dried flowers and display it on any tabletop. However, this handcrafted vase is so eye-catching, it can stand alone as art on a shelf or bookcase.

Fair trade products are primarily handcrafted and made from natural, sustainable, and recycled materials, therefore slight imperfections and color variations may occur.

Materials: Phoenician Glass, colors, and patterns vary

Dimensions: 4.5"D x 8"H 

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