Om Tired Sleep Mask


Handcrafted by artisans in Bangladesh, this sleep mask will help you achieve a restful night of sleep. The third eye is the representation of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. The lotus flower is the spiritual representation of resilience, with its roots in the murk and blooms above the water. The chant Om is recognized in the Hindu tradition as the original vibration of the universe. By chanting Om, we can align our frequency with that of the original universal frequency, thus achieving higher spiritual existence.

Why you'll love it: Your purchase of this handcrafted sleep mask supports artisans selling for the fair trade export market providing them with benefits such as literacy classes, and training on nutrition, women's legal rights, educational awareness, and finance.

Fair trade products are primarily handcrafted and made from natural, sustainable, and recycled materials, therefore slight imperfections and color variations may occur.

Materials: Cotton canvas and velvet backing/piping

Dimensions: 7" W X 4" H

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