Vintage Tribal Trade Beads


Beautifully aged, very old strand of white beads found in Mali Africa, called 'Green Heart' beads, made sometime between 1400 and 1800s in Murano, Venice. They are derived from the "white heart" beads known as "Cornaline D'Aleppo" and although these beads are called green hearts, they have a white center core and another layer of white glass on the outside. These beads are so old, some of the outer layers have chipped off and cracked, making this very rustic-looking glass.

Why you'll love it: These Green Heart beads are also known as the Hudson Bay Trade Beads and this name refers to European explorers (known as Hudson Bay Trading company) that ventured into North America to trade beads with local tribes for valuables. This vintage treasure has a rich history that has and will last for generations to come.

Add visual interest to your vignettes by styling these beads draped over books, bowls, or baskets.

Materials: Vintage glass

Dimensions: Approximate Number of Beads: 170, strand Length: 32" 

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