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How to Add Texture to Your Home

Today, we're talking about how you can add texture to your home. What does "adding texture" actually mean? It's really just a way of adding visual interest to your home by incorporating a number of materials so your space doesn't fall flat. I've outlined five ways in which you can easily and effectively accomplish a look that's layered and cozy.

 old meets new

Old Meets New

Thoughtfully decorated spaces that mix new and vintage furniture pieces and decorative elements give your home a soul. This can help add texture to your space in a way that feels organic and collected. Opt for well-worn vintage pieces made of natural materials paired with newer decor or furniture that are timeless in style and design.

natural stripe rethread throw

Throws Blankets & Pillows

A simple and inexpensive way to add texture and update your home is to drape a throw over a sofa, chair, bed, or ottoman. Choose throws blankets that are thick and cozy for the cooler months while opting for lighter fabrics such as cotton and linen for the warmer months. A collection of throw pillows that are complementary in color but vary in patterns adds texture and will elevate your space. Invest in high-quality down pillow inserts to seasonally switch out your pillow covers, and save you space and money. 

Ihand-painted butler planter

Add Life

It doesn't matter if your team-real or faux, incorporating plants, and flowers will add texture to your home. Try adding a potted plant to your shelving, or a vase filled with flowers or branches on your coffee table. You could even add hanging plants, air plants, or a bowl of succulents with rocks and moss for a minimal look.

upholstered dining chairs

Mix Your Materials

Adding texture to your home is really about creating a bit of contradiction in your space to make it more appealing to the eye. To help you achieve a look that's layered and balanced, try to stay away from buying furniture sets by curating pieces that are mixed materials. For example, you could opt for upholstered dining chairs in lieu of wooden ones, or select different, but complementary, materials for your bed, dresser, and nightstands. Try a velvet bed, a wood dresser, and metal nightstands.

macrame wall hanging

Don't Overlook the Walls

Walls are often forgotten as a place to add texture, but they can actually be one of the best places. Unique wall art such as tapestries, macrame wall hangings, wall baskets, and canvas art can easily be added to your walls to add texture and depth. A gallery wall of vintage art, family photos, or travel pictures can be captured in frames that have varying finishes and ornate details. If you rather not hang anything on your walls you could also opt for wallpaper or wall treatments such as plaster or wood paneling.

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