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Meaningful Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day in two weeks, you may be stumped for a few gift ideas that don't include flowers and chocolate (although I love those too, lol)! Here are three thoughtful ideas to help you express how you feel about your special someone in a truly meaningful way.

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Gift an Experience 

Gifting an experience has so many possibilities, you're bound to find one that speaks to you and your partner. Concerts, plays, sporting events, cooking classes, wine tasting, and spa dates. These are just a few ideas that are great for connecting with your loved one by doing an activity you both enjoy. You'll create memories that will last far longer than any bouquet of flowers ever could.

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DIY Valentine's Day

A Valentine's gift does not have to cost a lot or even at all to be meaningful. The gift of time is by far more valuable and a gift in and of itself. Making their favorite meal or dessert, playing board games, watching a movie, going for a hike, planning a picnic, and visiting a local coffee shop or museum are ways you can spend quality time together to celebrate your relationship.

pearl mango wood box

Shop Consciously

If you're going to buy a gift, why not choose something that is not only beautiful but impactful? Look for gift ideas from local shops and makers, or are handmade and fair trade. Not only will you have something truly unique to give, but also one that gives back locally and globally.

friends toasting at dinner

Spending VDAY with Friends?

Valentine's Day is also an opportunity to spend time with close friends doing something fun, or maybe even adventurous. Try an escape room, indoor skydiving, ice skating, bowling, or a mixology class. Whatever you choose, you're guaranteed to tighten your bond and make memories.

We hope you spend Valentine's Day surrounded by those you love and let us know if you tried any of the above ideas. We'd love to hear from you!

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