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Three Ways To Celebrate Fair Trade Month

Did you know that October is National Fair Trade Month? The goal is to promote fair trade awareness and why it is so important to people and the planet. When you support fair trade, you are supporting a movement that aims to make the world a better place through ethical and sustainable employment. A place where artisans are not subjected to forced labor, unfair wages, or unsafe work environments. Through fair trade, artisans and producers around the world have the opportunity to uplift themselves out of poverty and create brighter futures for their families, and communities.
Fair trade is a long-term sustainable solution for artisans to achieve economic stability, and one of the best ways to support fair trade is through making purchases. However, there are other ways one can support the fair trade movement; here are three ways you can show your support. 


Educate Yourself: Being the owner of a fair trade business, it's easy for me to forget that not everyone knows about fair trade; I certainly didn't, and I still have a lot to learn. The best thing one can do is to ask questions, read labels, and familiarize yourself with where your products are coming from, how they're made, and who made them. Look for fair trade certifications on the products themselves, talk to your salesperson, or look for sourcing transparency and business practices on company websites. 


Promote Fair Trade: Once you've learned about fair trade, share that knowledge with your friends and family. I've found that most people are fascinated by the fair trade movement and want to learn more so they can empower themselves with the knowledge that will help them make better buying decisions. Other ways to promote a fair trade businesses can range from a follow on social media, liking or sharing a post, to supporting your local businesses. 

 quality over quantity

Steer Clear of Unethical Companies: I always assumed that any business in business must be ethical because well, there must rules and laws they adhere to in effort to protect the rights of people and the planet, right? It didn't take long for me to learn that this just isn't so; many companies actively participate in unethical business practices such as greenwashing, forced labor, child labor, and manipulating the public into believing their products don't negatively impact people or the planet. Informing yourself is the best tool for navigating the world of retail and finding your way to support businesses that have transparent business practices and care about how they impact the world around them.

 We hope you enjoyed this post and find yourself learning valuable information about fair trade this month.  


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